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Cantilever Umbrellas

With no central pole, Poggesi's patented decentralized support structure is a key feature of this superior quality umbrella. The cantilever design ensures the maximum amount of usable shade, free from intrusive and awkward poles and supports. For the private and public host alike, this design leads to the maximum flexibility in the configuration of outside dining chairs, tables and socializing areas.

This cantilever umbrella can be operated with one simple movement thanks to a new system which combines canopy closure and arm tilt. At a glance the soft curves of the structure suggest an original idea based on a new project representing the evolution of the side-arm umbrella. ONE represents a significant step forward into the future with its brand new mechanism and rounded profiles, rethinking the old concepts of movement and sharp cornered poles.

sunbrella, tenara

The KING features patented dual operating mechanisms, which gives it tremendous flexibility as to canopy pitch and height. KING can be adjusted, tilted and/or lowered to meet any situation, with a patented endless screw system for lowering lifting and tilting the canopy, It is crafted to the highest quality standards, incorporating reinforced rectangular ribs and raised stiff anti-wind bellow, the KING is designed to stand firm against the elements, even at an unprecedented size of 15’ x 15’.

sunbrella, tenara

ONE is the fruit born from two concepts we feel strongly about: technological experimentation and design.

What happens when you take a Lux and make it taller, thicker and stronger? You get a KING that can reach 15’ x 15’. No other cantiielever Umbrella can match it.

In terms of shade, this center pole umbrella is the best possible combination of simplicity, elegance, safety and practicality.

JOK is a revolutionary center pole umbrella with a tremendous amount of economical shade, while allowing for the furniture below it to stay put whether it is open or closed.

Crafted of lightweight aluminum the DEHOR is ideal for providing expansive, open-air coverage quickly and easily.

The sheer size of these umbrellas cannot fail to impress, reaching up to 26’ in diameter.